Get.Reinvented with Katia KITA

Say “hello” to a new you!

Finally, the fitness program that will get you to your goals!

Get ready

to transform your body and your life once and for all with Katia KITA. The Get.Reinvented fitness program includes all you’ll ever need from WORKOUTS and delicious MEAL plans to live FREE support from Katia KITA herself and a specialized dietitian to help you succeed and reach your goals!

  • WORK OUT from home at your convenience with NO gym membership!
  • Get in shape while you eat delicious and easy to make meals!
  • FREE support group with Katia KITA
  • No containers / no portion measurement, all recipes are based on the calories you need!
  • Connect with like-minded challengers!


Get Reinvented now!
Katia KITA is a wonderful instructor and an amazing person who’s energy, beauty and hard work motivates you to be healthy and fit. I really enjoy her work out videos and healthy food recipes. Finally I have learned how to do squats in a right way!! It’s too bad I am living too far. However, I do exerise at home and use her work out tips at my kickboxing class!!Her videos are great and all work out exercises are easy explained by her!! Thank you Katiaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Olga Nesilouskaya

Here’s what you get!!

  • UNLIMITED 4 week access to FUN and FUNCTIONAL WORKOUTS with minimum equipment –  just need dumbbells and a mat! And a smile, of course!
  • Over 45 fit-inspired RECIPES developed from scratch by a registered dietitian!
  • Healthy take-out options, if you happen to eat out!No more excuses!
  • Guaranteed needed daily calorie intake!
  • Convenience: work out on-the-go and on vacation with streamlined videos!
  • FREE Facebook SUPPORT group led by Katia KITA!
Katia guided me through a 30-day challenge of getting fit. She provided clear and comprehensive instructions on every aspect of my challenge: food, exercising and measurments. She was especially helpful and, frankly, irreplaceable with keeping me motivated. I don’t think I would have been able to complete my challenge without Katya’s support! Yulia Dudyak

Get Reinvented with Katia KITA

Transform the way you look and reinvent your lifestyle. No more boring diets, no more excuses and delaying!

You are here for a REASON and let me hold your hand through this transformation.

Join #getreinvented movement today and unlock your potential for a special price of $90.
The price will go up after the official launch!
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